10 Books to Plot Your Career Growth

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If you’re looking for a new job — or perhaps an entire career shift — but don’t know where to start, Designing Your Life, by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, will help you discover what you’re truly meant to do and how to get a job that’s tailored to your skillset and passions. So many people end up dissatisfied in careers because they misunderstand their interests and talents. For example, a person who likes science may take a job as a lab researcher only to discover that while they still love science they hate being alone in a quiet lab all day. Filled with practical advice, engaging stories of people of all ages who have overhauled their careers, and questions and exercises to drive home its message, this book uses the principals of design to teach you how to prototype career paths before you invest years of your life into an ill-suited job. Sometimes all it takes to reignite joy in your current job is working with your manager to make little tweaks that better emphasize your abilities and work style. While many job-hunting books feel like they’re coming from someone who has never struggled to find their way, this book, based on a popular class at Stanford University, has an empathetic tone that will encourage you on your journey.

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