3 Common Attack Vectors for Industrial Control Systems

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It’s been nearly impossible to miss all the news about the uptick in cyber-attacks on the manufacturing and processing industries over the past few years. This recent uptick is not a surprising development, however, even though most manufacturers have faced fewer attacks compared to more consumer-oriented businesses. One reason for the lag in attacks on industry was due to many hackers’ lack of familiarity with the industrial control systems (ICS) used in both the discrete manufacturing and processing industries. As a result, most business-focused cyber-attacks centered on breaches of enterprise IT systems, with which most hackers were already very familiar. But when you consider the high profile and revenues of many industrial companies, coupled with the potential for significant business and community disruption made possible by attacking a company’s ICS, the incentive for hackers to become more familiar with ICSs was evident. Essentially, it was only a matter of time before industry became widely considered a target-rich environment for cyber criminals.

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