3 Super Cool 3D-printed Tools, Gadgets

When the first 3D printers were developed in the 1980s, the primary applications were for research and development. But nobody could have imagined all the useful, exciting, and quirky things that would be created with the technology years later. From prosthetic applications to fun pop culture items, the possibilities are endless. In the spirit of discovering what impressive and funny things humanity can do with a little imagination and the right technology, below are three of the coolest items and tools ever 3D printed. Plastic Cast That Heals Broken Bones Perhaps one of the best concepts for medical use came to light thanks to the efforts of designer Deniz Karasahin in 2014. It is a 3D-printed cast equipped with a low-intensity pulsed ultrasound system. The system helps bones heal 40-80% faster. This is not the first application of a 3D-printed tool to help people. In fact, companies are actively working to expand this use case and improve the quality of life for people with injuries and disabilities, such as designing devices that make kitchen tasks more accessible. Game of Thrones Dragon Lamp Fan of the show or not, the dragons in Game of Thrones are definitely awesome. So, imagine the sales for an Etsy seller that crafted a creative dragon lamp. The 3D-printed dragon breathes “fire,” which comprises the light-up part of the lamp. Creative, fun, and worth every penny! 

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