54 Million Autonomous Vehicles Will Be on Our Roads by 2024

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Welcome to the Thomas Index Report for the week of December 27th. Back in 2019, 31 million cars around the world featured some level of automation. That number is expected to jump to over 54 million within the next two years as the autonomous vehicle market grows an estimated 37% by 2023. But with many people still concerned about these new vehicles, researchers are working to enhance safety on shared roads by improving the reliability of the traffic control devices used to keep all drivers safe. Traffic control devices are used to guide and inform drivers by giving them clear indicators of upcoming road hazards. These devices fall into three main categories: signs, signals, and road markings. On the Thomasnet.com platform, our data shows that demand for traffic control devices is up 144% year over year and up 184% over Q3 averages.

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