6 hot IT leadership trends — and 6 going cold

Until recently if you asked tech leaders what management trends were on the rise, they’d frequently point to aligning digital transformation with business outcomes. That has changed. Partly driven by the pandemic’s lasting effects, forward-looking tech leaders are leaning into team-first leadership models that help attract, diversify, and retain top talent. IT leaders pointed to the need for new ways of thinking about leadership to succeed in an increasingly virtual office landscape. Professional development is still key, they say, but upskilling is more varied — and the aims are more inclusive — than before. A state-of-the-art material testing lab for extrusion processes is slated to open this fall at the headquarters of custom extrusion line supplier Bausano in Italy. The new resources will help customers learn a system’s capabilities prior to purchase, then optimize the setup of their extruder lines. The lab expands Bausano’s R&D and pilot testing department in Turin with hardware and software for testing a broad range of materials on three of the company’s extrusion lines. 

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