6 Tips for Retaining Employees in an Ever-changing Workplace

Since early 2020 the world has witnessed a dramatic change in how businesses attract and retain employees. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all business models were disrupted, adjusted, and in many cases made obsolete. The onset of inflation in late 2021 across the globe along with a skittish workforce is sure to create a vector that many businesses are unprepared for. The time for businesses to think outside of the box is now. Below are a few items that I have found that can assist in an ever-changing workplace environment. Some of these items could be considered excessive overhead by cutting into profit models, but then again so is a reduction of your workforce. In my personal experience, some of the least expensive employee programs worked just as effectively as more expensive ones. Like everything: “Take what is useful and disregard the rest.” Cross-train employees. Many loyal and hardworking employees have under utilized talents. It is up to us as managers or owners to develop a system to measure and manage these talents. Cross-training and spending some man-hours on pushing workers upward could have significant benefits and assist in staffing. 

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