7 Best Tool Box Organizers, According to 5,000+ Happy Reviewers

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Tool box organizers are not a one-size-fits-all item. You may find that you’re in need of an organizer that works within a tool bag, a tool hutch, or a tool pouch. Your options are endless, but the goal is to separate your equipment and hardware, and in some cases divvy up the tools you use for specific purposes or projects. While there are a breadth of toolbox organizers available, here are several common types: Bins and boxes: These cubic storage types can be arranged in a variety of ways and work best when implemented in drawers, boxes, and chests. Plastic bins and boxes may come in handy for keeping track of smaller bits of hardware. Trays: Easy to slide in and out, trays make it a breeze to view and access your tools, preventing items like wrenches and hammers from piling up in a corner, and they’re simple to clean too. Foam: If you consider yourself to be an avid DIYer, foam is perfect for personalizing a toolbox to your needs, as you can cut, mold, and stick it in any formation you see fit. Specialized organizers: These can be a mix of all of the above or made from different materials and come in various shapes. Specialized organizers are constructed for specific tools and supplies, such as wrench and screwdriver trays and dividers or socket holders.

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