8 Common Pieces of Career Advice You Should Ignore at All Costs

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Career advice is a lot like relationship advice. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, someone bulldozes in to offer up their opinion — whether you asked for it or not. Before long, you’re second-guessing your own judgment and feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice you’ve received and the difficult decisions you need to make. Sifting through a barrage of unsolicited career advice can be just as daunting and, unfortunately, it’s equally unavoidable. Whether it’s your friends and family, work colleagues, your manager, a career blog, or a leadership expert, there will always be someone trying to offer suggestions on how to make a success of your professional life. There may well be times when you’re offered some truly valuable and career-changing advice, but you’ll likely receive your fair share of terrible tips too. Here are eight pieces of career advice you should absolutely ignore.

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