8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Own Business

If you’ve been overcome with the urge to start your own business recently, you’re not the only one. The Great Resignation saw 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August 2021 alongside a boom in small business filings — suggesting people quit to start their own ventures. Approximately 5 million new businesses were launched from January to November of last year; a massive 55% more than the same period two years earlier. With it being National Small Business Week, we thought it a good time as ever to encourage anyone with a dream of starting their own business to go for it. But before you do, there are a few all-important questions you need to ask yourself. 1. Am I Sure I Want To Do This? Owning and running a business isn’t for everyone. Sure, you get to be the boss, but you’re often also every other employee too — including the accountant, maybe even the cleaner, and definitely the person everyone complains to. However, if you love your idea, have the passion and drive, and are happy to put in the work to make your company succeed, then starting a business might just be for you. 

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