ABB partners with Equinor on digital integration to optimize offshore assets

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ABB has begun a pilot project with Equinor in Norway, at the Gina Krog platform in the North Sea, to enable the digital transformation of monitoring of critical electrical systems on the platform, accelerating Equinor’s condition-monitoring capabilities with a focus on improving safety, reducing operational costs, and increasing production efficiency. Adopting a collaborative-maintenance model enables Equinor to start the journey from today’s planned-maintenance program toward prescriptive maintenance. Data will be transferred from the platform’s power management system and electrical condition monitoring system to Equinor’s OMNIA Microsoft Azure cloud platform, using an onsite ABB EdgeInsight data pump. From here live data will be securely streamed to ABB’s own Microsoft Azure cloud where a dedicated team will utilize the data to continuously improve condition monitoring technology and tools to be used by ABB’s Reliability Service team. By streaming data directly to ABB, Equinor is securely transporting high-level information from assets that will deliver transparency on performance, better predictability, and process optimization, the partners note.

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