Airless Tires by GM, Michelin Might Be on the Next Chevy Bolt

Keeping vehicle tires maintained has always been an ongoing process, and basically no one enjoys the job of huddling over an air valve trying to get the right PSI while the wind whips you in the face and you keep dropping the cap. Tire companies like Michelin have, for years, been hinting at some dramatic changes that would modify this scenario forever and it seems they may be onto something real. The 130-year-old tire company said recently that its airless tires are nearing prime time and that it took on a partner in the impending rollout. According to CNN Business, that partner is GM, who will join forces with Michelin to place airless tires on the next-generation Chevy Bolt electric vehicle. And according to Alexis Garcin, president of Michelin North America, “it’s going to happen now in the next three to five years.”

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