Amid Labor Shortage, Skilled Trade Jobs Are in Demand

Even though the world is becoming increasingly digitized, there’s still a steady demand for hands-on, skilled trade talent. With the baby boomer generation retiring, millennials and Generation Z have a huge opportunity to earn positions in trade jobs. Skilled trade jobs offer numerous advantages, such as practicality, skill development, lower student debt, and the opportunity to gain experience fast. Pursuing Skilled Trade Jobs Skilled trade jobs are those that involve specialized training generally gained through a technical school or an apprenticeship. An undergraduate degree sets you up for success in most trade jobs, but it’s not necessarily required. A skilled trade career offers endless opportunities to gain immediate experience with little to no educational debt. After finishing the vocational courses, on-the-job training, or college degree, one can also choose certification programs to polish their skills further and make them qualified for more advanced positions. 

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