Ampacet Expands Anti-Scratch Additives Line

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Masterbatch supplier Ampacet has added two new additives to its ScratchShield product line to help protect plastic products from scratches and abrasion without affecting the resin’s gloss or mechanical properties. The new ScratchShield masterbatch additives prevent the appearance of scuffs and scratches in preforms, bottles, and a range of PET packaging without the need to apply a surface coating. These additives also significantly improve the demolding of preforms while offering protection from guide rails and conveyor systems during the manufacturing process, said Ampacet. Converters also benefit from scrap reduction, since ScratchShield minimizes the need to regrind scratched bottles and conduct cleanup associated with lubricant sprays. ScratchShield PET 7000076-E is designed for blow-molding processes. The additive restructures the surface of PET plastics, preventing crack propagation to limit whitening and hazing effects caused by abrasion. PET’s coefficient of friction also is significantly reduced during preform production, blow molding, handling, and transport, according to Ampacet. The additive significantly improves scratch and scuff resistance of preforms during conveyor belt handling.

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