ANCA to Launch AutoMarkX, an Automated Laser Marking System at EMO 2021

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As the cutting tool industry moves towards more complex geometries and away from standard tools, manufacturers are needing to find new solutions. Often referenced as special tools, ANCA will showcase the technology, software and automation at EMO Milano 2021 that enables customers to design and grind multiple tool types in one batch, making special tools a more profitable strategy. Patrick Boland, ANCA Co-Founder said: “Customers are after more productivity, higher accuracy, and increased process stability. There is great interest in automation, Industry 4.0, and technologies that can digitally connect all aspects of production. What’s new at ANCA is what we call AIMS, or the “ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System”. It’s the overarching platform under which we’ll be releasing software and hardware though the coming years. At the top is a suite of management software, and underneath is all the hardware necessary to grind, measure, and process complex cutting tools.”

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