AWS (sort of) brings private 5G to market

AWS says its private 5G managed service is now available – however, it currently only supports 4G LTE and doesn’t yet support 5G. With AWS Private 5G, which was previewed last November, customers will be able to specify where they want to build a mobile network and its capacity, and AWS will deliver and maintain the small-cell radio units, servers, 5G-core and RAN software, and SIM cards. The idea is to let enterprises quickly procure, deploy, and scale their own private 5G mobile networks without having to acquire, integrate, and maintain hardware and software from multiple third-party vendors. “This cool new service lets you design and deploy your own private mobile network in a matter of days,” wrote Jeff Barr, chief evangelist for AWS, in a blog about the now available service. But he also stated: “The private mobile network makes use of CBRS spectrum. It supports 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) today, and will support 5G in the future.” 

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