Axiomtek Partners with Leading AI Chipmaker Hailo to Launch Edge AI Computer for Smart City Applications

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Axiomtek announced its partnership with AI chipmaker Hailo to launch the RSC100, an ARM-based edge AI computer (also named Plato). The ARM-based RSC100 (Plato) supports the Hailo-8 edge AI processor, the latter of which features up to 26 TOPS for running deep learning applications at full scale efficiently, intelligently, and sustainably. The partnership with Hailo offers customers a new level of AI solutions across a wide range of market segments such as smart city, smart retail, industry 4.0, and smart transportation. “Hailo has gained a lot of experience in developing high-performance AI processors suitable for edge devices. The powerful yet affordable RSC100 (Plato) is our first fanless edge AI computing system that adopts the Hailo-8™. The RSC100 (Plato) provides system developers with highly efficient implementation of innovative AI solutions at reduced time-to-market and engineering costs. With the advanced AI performance, the RSC100 (Plato) is well suited for use in smart city applications, including smart surveillance, smart factory, smart agriculture, and smart transportation,” said Ken Pan, the product manager at Axiomtek.

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