Battery-powered, Flying Buses with 3D-printed Frames Could Start Carrying Passengers by 2024

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Although the re-opening of society after 15+ months could be seen as the antithesis for Braeden Kelekona’s startup, the reality is that this vision of a new type of public transportation goes back to those crazy pre-pandemic days of 2019. While a number of firms are looking at versions of autonomous air taxis or electric commuter choppers, Kelekona sees the bigger picture potential of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. And I mean that literally — because he wants to build an electric, flying bus. In contrast to other designs that focus on a couple of passengers, Kelekona’s approach would look to address the limited airspace available in larger cities by focusing on fewer, but larger aircrafts carrying more people. By combining the lightweight properties of a 3D-printed frame and a creatively-engineered battery pack, the aircraft would carry up to 40 passengers and a pilot, or 10,000 pounds of cargo.

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