Boston Micro Fabrication Launches Ultra-High Resolution 3D Printer Image: Boston Micro Fabrication

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Microscale 3D-printing pioneer Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) today launches its new industrial-grade microArch S230 printer, plus three new 3D-printing materials. The new printer offers microprecision and speed for applications that require ultra-high resolution prints, achieving down to 2-μm accuracy. The microArch S230 offers freedom of design and exceptional part resolution for researchers and manufacturers requiring micro parts with tight tolerances for prototyping through short-run production. Using BMF’s patented Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL) technology, the microArch S230 delivers up to five times faster prints than previous models in BMF’s 2μm series. The new printer also has a larger build volume, 50 x 50 x 50 mm. PµSL technology enables rapid photopolymerization of a layer of liquid polymer using a flash of ultraviolet (UV) light at microscale resolution.

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