Building a Diverse Supply Chain Takes Work—But It’s Worth It

In this excerpt from his forthcoming book, Anti-Racist Leadership: How to Transform Culture in a Race-Conscious World,former Jamba Juice CEO James D. White—along with Krista White, who has joined him in his work—shares approaches on how diversity and inclusion can strengthen your supply chain. Given today’s supply chain challenges, leaders have to be proactive in building diversity and inclusivity into their supply chains, as well as in helping suppliers and partners grow to scale. In recent years, more companies have discovered that building a fairer and more equitable supply chain benefits the broader global community, as well as brings a deeper perspective of ideas, and addresses the growing demand among consumers who patronize brands which support relevant social issues. Many of these companies have established models that others can emulate. Here are a few ways a company can create a fully diverse and inclusive supply chain. 

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