Can We Change Plant DNA to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

Over the last decade, the topic of climate change has been top of mind for business leaders, elected officials, and everyday people alike. And while opinions about carbon emission levels and climate change very, many agree that solving these global challenges will require a multifaceted approach. Of the many promising solutions that have been proposed, one of the most appealing involves altering the DNA of plants to reduce carbon emissions. But exactly how viable is this proposed solution? A Potential Secret Weapon in the Fight to Reduce Carbon Emissions As part of the push to stifle climate change, some have suggested that creating massive skyscraper-esque direct air capture plants is the most viable solution. There are currently 19 such plants in operation around the globe, each of which is capable of capturing millions of tons of carbon dioxide per year. The downside is that building a single plant costs hundreds of millions of dollars. 

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