Carbon makes Design Engine software available to all

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Carbon announced that it is launching the next generation of its Carbon Design Engine software and making the software licenses available to design teams globally for purchase in early 2022. Carbon Design Engine allows product designers to generate advanced latticed parts from a solid part STL file and output STL files for printing on most common 3D printers, per its maker. Previously, this software was available only to Carbon platform customers, but beginning in early 2022 software licenses will be available for individuals and teams to design, develop, and print advanced lattices on most common 3D printers. With broad accessibility to Carbon’s lattice-generating design software, design engineers and industrial designers can automate the process of creating conformal, multi-zone lattices, dramatically accelerating the product development process, notes Carbon, which notes that Design Engine has been widely used by global brands to design high-performance, breakthrough products, including bike saddles, helmets, and sporting gloves.

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