Claroty & Schneider Electric collaborate on industrial cybersecurity

Schneider Electric announced its collaboration with Claroty at ARC Forum Orlando this week. Schneider Electric will now integrate Claroty’s solution into their offering, enabling them to better address new cybersecurity concerns, including protection, safety and insurance for industrial customers. “We see cybersecurity as a key differentiator,” said Jay Abdallah, VP of cybersecurity services, Schneider Electric. “Through our collaboration with Claroty, we are reinforcing its importance to the industrial process and taking active steps to mitigate new challenges. We are entering a new era of openness in the industrial world. This is no different for cybersecurity, where we are seeking to collaborate with other industry-leading companies to create the most secure assets in the market.” “Threat actors are increasingly looking to exploit the digital transformation of industrial networks, meaning these networks face increased risk,” said Yaniv Vardi, Claroty CEO. “Given Schneider Electric is the market leader in industrial digital transformation, its insight, scale and technology are critical in advancing our offering and the industry as a whole. We look forward to continuing to work and meet new challenges together.”

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