“Committed to Achieving World-changing Results,” Optical Module Assembly Manufacturer Designs Creative Solutions for Cell Analysis

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Using its design-to-prototype engineering service and a proven product development process, Gray Optics partners with life science companies to develop advanced optical microscopy instruments. The Portland, Maine-based company designs and manufactures optical lens assemblies and optical sub-systems for a range of end applications, such as multicolor fluorescence imaging of cells, spatial sequencing, super-resolution microscopy, laser-based cell editing for drug development research, and high-speed imaging of molecules and particles in fast-flowing fluids. With a deep understanding of the customer use case thanks to more than 10 years of product engineering and product development expertise in the life science instrument market, Gray Optics is a trusted partner to global OEM instrumentation and start-up companies. Operating strategically close to Boston’s biotechnology hub, the manufacturer can rapidly respond to the product development needs of OEM instrument companies and create prototype lens assemblies in as little as 6-8 weeks.

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