Common Questions on Cloud Deployments After Internet Disasters

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Recently, a service outage from a major ISP affecting Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan caused a fair amount of disruption. Whether driven by ISP outages, cloud service interruptions, cyber-attacks, or any other flavor of internet event we often see an increased number of questions around the viability, resiliency, and reliability of cloud deployments. In this article we’ll take a moment to look at three of the more common questions and some potential answers and discussion points. What happens if the internet goes out? Internet service disruption is legitimate concern, especially in areas prone to extreme weather, construction, or other disruptive activities. Of all the questions we get this is by far the most common. Much like a defense in depth OpSec plan though, the answer isn’t a straightforward “do this” or “deploy this”. For large scale cloud deployments that contain a site SCADA, Historian, and other critical systems many of our clients choose to have dual ISPs running to their location. This helps ensure that if there is disruption from one ISP, the other is on standby.

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