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Innovation News

Dean Bartles: An Ingenious Mind Transforming Advanced Manufacturing

[ CIO Look ]
The future of manufacturing looks promising after it has adopted digitalization accompanied with evolving technologies. At the helm of this transformation are some proficient leaders, who have come forward to advance the manufacturing space. Amongst…

The Future of Movement of Goods

[ Deloitte ]
The future of movement of goods is coming more quickly than we once envisioned. The transportation ecosystem can effectively prepare by embracing the pillars of connected community, holistic decision-making, and intelligent automation.

Software Makes Robot Programming Easier Than Ever

Seamlessly integrating offline programming, simulation, and code generation, for quick, error-free robot programs, and rapid visualization of issues and opportunities to obtain optimal robot programs. HYPERTHERM released Robotmaster Version 7.4 CAD/CAM, for seamlessly integrating offline…

Compact Tool Grinder Offers Large Grinding Zone

NXT five-axis tool grinder is a versatile five-axis CNC machine with a small footprint and a large grind zone. Designed in a modular fashion that offers quick adaptation to application requirements, the NXT’s mechanical, software,…
Workforce Development News

The Case for a Federal Office of Supply Chain

During the pandemic, the strength of the U.S supply chain was tested and often came up short. That’s why Mike Crum, a professor and Ruan Chair of Supply Chain Management in Iowa State University’s Ivy…

Reshoring Vital To The Future Of Chipmaking

Repatriating offshore manufacturing efforts to the United States – i.e., “reshoring” – is not a new concept. The Reshoring Initiative was founded in 2010, and the Reshoring Institute, founded in 2014, conducts annual surveys of…

Why is There Still a Truck Driver Shortage?

To understand the factors that continue to contribute to the truck driver shortage, third-party logistics provider Coyote Logistics and labor market analytics firm Emsi issued a new study on March 15. The report, “Drivers Wanted…

Training Displaced Workers for Jobs in Manufacturing

The City of Fremont, California, saw an opportunity to remedy a difficult problem. In the San Francisco Bay area, 20,900 jobs were lost due to the impact of COVID-19. At the same time, companies were ramping…

Smart vs. Intelligent: It’s All in the Silos

We hear a lot about intelligent enterprises, smart operations, smart manufacturing, and so on. But what do the terms “intelligent” and “smart” really mean in these contexts? Is there any difference between them? Being “smart”…
Mergers & Acquisitions News

AVEVA Completes Acquisition of OSIsoft

AVEVA, a global leader in engineering and industrial software, announced successful completion of the acquisition of OSIsoft. The acquisition enhances AVEVA’s ability to accelerate the digital transformation of the industrial world

Nokia Announces Collaboration with 3 Major Cloud Hyperscalers

Finnish telecom provider Nokia announced collaborations with AWS, Google, and Microsoft designed to accelerate its Open RAN and Cloud RAN leadership by leveraging its advanced equipment portfolio and combining it with the cloud.
Other News

How IoT Devices Can Enhance the Connected Customer Experience

[ IOT World ]
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world, consumers have put health first as they interact with companies. “To reduce the risk of infection, people are anxious to minimize physical contact and…

Advance Charging Technologies opens second manufacturing facility

Advanced Charging Technologies Inc. (ACT), a provider of cloud-based integrated solutions for forklift battery and charging technologies, recently expanded manufacturing to San Antonio, Texas to accommodate increased growth opportunities and the ever-evolving global battery charger…

AI Dominance Requires Bold Action

The United States must pump billions of dollars into artificial intelligence research if the nation wants to be “AI-ready” by 2025 and successfully compete with great power competitors China and Russia, according to new findings…

Tax-Themed Phishing Campaign Emerges

The phishing messages contain malicious documents that purport to contain tax-related content but ultimately deliver NetWire and Remcos remote access Trojans that enable hackers to take control of victims’ devices, the researchers say. The malware…