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The Real Future of the Factory

For me, the phrase “Factory of the Future” instantly conjures up an image of a fully automated, data-driven, lights-out facility cranking out mass-customized goods without missing a beat. It is full of best-case scenarios for…

IoT Platform Partnerships Continue to Gain Traction

Partnerships and collaborations of all types are becoming increasingly common among technology suppliers as companies embarking on digital transformation initiatives seek to transcend their domain-specific expertise, grapple with unprecedented quantities of data, and ultimately bridge the divide between…

Opinion: Top A&D Companies Need To Help The Supply Chain

Alan Mulally shepherded Boeing Commercial Airplanes through the post-Sept. 11, 2001, aerospace industry downturn as its CEO, then led Ford Motor Co. through the financial crisis and Great Recession of 2009 and was named one the…

We Need to Talk About Cybersecurity

Looking back at the records, 1969 appears to have been one of the safest years in modern manufacturing history. There were, by some accounts, only 34 safety complaints filed in total and only two citations…