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Innovation News

Is Your Next Innovation Growing in the Field Next Door?

Ohio’s largest export is already used in biodiesel, candles, crayons, ink, animal feedstock, industrial lubricants, bio-composite building materials and more. Now, Airable Research Lab, a one-of-a-kind lab funded by the Ohio Soybean Council and housed…

America Needs a Manufacturing Strategy

Supporters of American manufacturing have been crying for a national manufacturing strategy for many years. They know that if the U.S. does not have a plan with measurable objectives, nothing will change and we won’t…

Dean Bartles: An Ingenious Mind Transforming Advanced Manufacturing

[ CIO Look ]
The future of manufacturing looks promising after it has adopted digitalization accompanied with evolving technologies. At the helm of this transformation are some proficient leaders, who have come forward to advance the manufacturing space. Amongst…

The Future of Movement of Goods

[ Deloitte ]
The future of movement of goods is coming more quickly than we once envisioned. The transportation ecosystem can effectively prepare by embracing the pillars of connected community, holistic decision-making, and intelligent automation.

Additive For The Win

Incremental performance improvements have a way of directly translating to wins within motorsports. How important can an incremental improvement be? Considering that a 5% decrease in drag can potentially increase horsepower by 25%, the answer…
Workforce Development News

Digital Twins in Health Already Helping in Disease Treatment

Digital twins in health care have begun to help practitioners understand patient conditions, even novel ones such as COVID-19’s impact on the lungs. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or system…

The ABCs of DEI

The changing social climate has companies reevaluating their approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. Many businesses faced a call for action in 2020 to clearly state their positions on the social justice and civil rights…

On Ideals and Innovation

Any sports writer will tell you that a great rivalry makes for a good story. But you also need a good story to make a great rivalry. Only when we have projected our ideals and…

Q&A: Smart solutions for the remote worker

At the recent ARC Advisory Forum, GE Digital revealed a remote-operations solution for oil/gas/chemical industries, promising that it enables remote staff to further collaborate with on-site staff to centrally monitor plant operations (i.e. further empower plant mobility) in the…
Mergers & Acquisitions News

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Other News

Lean Supply Chain Performance: Onshoring’s Secret Weapon

The issue of reshoring has been around for a while. For instance, longtime manufacturing executive Harry Moser started his Reshoring Initiative over a decade ago. Working to get Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to re-source their purchases…

How IoT Devices Can Enhance the Connected Customer Experience

[ IOT World ]
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world, consumers have put health first as they interact with companies. “To reduce the risk of infection, people are anxious to minimize physical contact and…