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Innovation News

Smart Manufacturing in a Pandemic

To say the absolute least, this past year has been brutal. Everything has been impacted. Everyone had to adapt to survive, literally. From an economic perspective, this year required adaptability, agility, reducibility, sustainability, and an…

Are SMBs invited to the digital transformation party?

In the enterprise, digital transformation is no longer synonymous with striving toward a structural or radical change by replacing and rebuilding systems and processes. Rather, it now resembles any other business function – with the…

What Conditions Make Industry 4.0 Feasible?

Completely reliable machines that can be changed over very quickly. Each product is made individually to customer requirements and moves itself – based on its digital twin information- through the plant from one machine to another. The…
Workforce Development News

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Mergers & Acquisitions News

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Other News

Azure Database Service Flaw Could Affect Thousands of Firms

Wiz says the vulnerability, discovered two weeks ago, enabled researchers to gain unrestricted access to the accounts and databases of several thousand Microsoft Azure customers. On Thursday – the same day Wiz published its blog…

What is design thinking? An agile method for innovation

Design thinking is an agile, iterative process for design and innovation that centers users’ desires and needs, and enables your company to pivot as the industry changes and technology evolves. Design thinking acknowledges that there…

Integrating CAD/CAM with Key Software Partners

It wasn’t so long ago that machinists programmed CNC lathes and mills by hand. Some still do. Yet most manufacturers today would agree that investment in a modern CAD/CAM system—one driven by knowledgeable, well-trained programmers—brings…

Product News: Panasonic’s new software for its Logiscend System

Panasonic introduced a new version of software for its Panasonic Logiscend System, a turnkey material-flow management solution for complex, discrete manufacturing. Logiscend Software 3.0 enhances the Logiscend platform’s location-management capabilities, user access controls and data…

Small Stake, Big Voice

Taking a minority stake in a joint venture (JV) can make good business sense. What doesn’t make sense is ceding more control than you have to. With the post-pandemic surge in partnerships, including those with…