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Innovation News

How Intelligence is Powering Supply Chain’s Next Wave

Like most everything in 2020, global supply chains were thrown into disarray during the pandemic. Demand plans and equipment maintenance schedules went out the window with U.S. e-commerce volume growing 44% as consumers stayed home…

How AI is revolutionizing training

Employee training is an issue of critical importance for enterprises. Challenged to find skilled employees, sapped by high turnover rates, mired in massive transformations, the need to upskill and cross-train employees is paramount — and…

The World’s First Completely Carbon-Neutral Car

Cars are responsible for a significant percentage of planet-warming carbon emissions, so the deployment of new electric vehicles from most of the world’s major automakers is vital to meeting climate goals. Those cars, however, aren’t…

IT hiring targets the talent of the neurodiverse community

Diversity and inclusion is fast becoming a board-level imperative across corporate America. But for all the strides they’ve made, D&I initiatives have left some organizations struggling to address the many definitions of what diversity and…

How to Develop Early-Career Talent Virtually

Despite today’s uncertain business environment, it’s critical that companies continue to build their future workforces by investing in early-career talent. The importance of ensuring that entry-level hires are suitably equipped with sufficient developmental opportunities to…
Workforce Development News

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Mergers & Acquisitions News

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Other News

How to Establish an Automation Center of Excellence

Automation technologies can offer considerable value to organizations, but only if they are implemented strategically, on a large scale, and in support of business goals. They also require the businesses using them to actively monitor…

As Ransomware Threats Mount, It’s Time for Coordinated Tactics

Cybercriminals have been able to act with impunity and without sufficient consequences, said experts at the recent RSA Conference 2021. Ransomware attacks have become economically burdensome but also increasingly disruptive to basic services, such as…

Behind the Machine 3D Printing Rocket Engines

American space technology company, Launcher, has acquired the M 4K AM system from AMCM, an EOS Group company, to advance its high-performance orbital launch vehicle strategy. The AMCM M 4K system enables Launcher to produce…