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Innovation News

7 Myths of Version Control & Backups in Automation

Many production managers and engineers remain skeptical about introducing version control or data management systems. While a manual approach may have worked well enough for years, plants without centralized version control and automatic backups are…

Paying a Ransom: Does It Really Encourage More Attacks?

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, such as the breach of a water treatment facility in Oldsmar, Florida, are relatively common, so the apparent ransom payment in the Colonial Pipeline incident is likely to have little influence, some security…
Workforce Development News

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Mergers & Acquisitions News

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Other News

Why Companies Must Embrace Microservices and Modular Thinking

Companies that embrace remote work — which is here to stay — can also drastically reduce their coordination costs through modular organization. Spotify announced earlier this year that it would completely shift to remote work.…

Goodbye Nausea, Headsets Ready for Primetime

When Mars Petcare was looking to empower its associates to address basic maintenance requirements, it embraced RealWear devices with Microsoft Teams to connect and collaborate. Similarly, Goodyear embraced the same technology in its tire factories…

The Multilock Interchangeable Welding Torch

The welding torch is the ultimate tool of the trade for a welder. Professional welders can expect to have it in hand all day long, frequently with a need for extended arc times and a…

Using Low-Code and No-Code in IoT App Development

Developing applications for the Internet of Things is no easy feat. Connected things typically involve the integration of a disparate mix of technologies, including back-end systems, IoT endpoints, other platform and data sources. Additionally, companies…