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Innovation News

The quest for end-to-end intelligent automation

The pandemic has seen accelerated interest in process automation as organizations have scrambled to overhaul business processes and double down on digital transformations in response to disruptions brought about by COVID-19. And for IT leaders…

Towards 2D Memory Technology

In spintronics, the magnetic moment of electrons (spin) is used to transfer and manipulate information. An ultra-compact 2D spin-logic circuitry could be built from 2D materials that can transport the spin information over long distances…
Workforce Development News

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Mergers & Acquisitions News

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Other News

Senate Approves Chris Inglis as National Cyber Director

Inglis’ confirmation comes at a time when the Biden administration is dealing with multiple cybersecurity issues, including a series of ransomware attacks that have targeted the nation’s infrastructure as well as the continued fallout over…

Why the cloud will never eat the data center

Sometimes it’s hard to see gradual changes in technology paradigms because they’re gradual. Sometimes it helps to play “Just suppose…” and see where it leads. So, just suppose that the cloud did what some radical thinkers…

A new interest in renewables for smart energy management

Energy management is becoming a growing component of business strategy as industrial companies look more closely at their energy profiles to identify opportunities for cost reduction, decarbonization, and resilience. They are increasingly adopting energy-management technologies…