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Innovation News

The Future of Movement of Goods

[ Deloitte ]
The future of movement of goods is coming more quickly than we once envisioned. The transportation ecosystem can effectively prepare by embracing the pillars of connected community, holistic decision-making, and intelligent automation.

Additive For The Win

Incremental performance improvements have a way of directly translating to wins within motorsports. How important can an incremental improvement be? Considering that a 5% decrease in drag can potentially increase horsepower by 25%, the answer…

Software Makes Robot Programming Easier Than Ever

Seamlessly integrating offline programming, simulation, and code generation, for quick, error-free robot programs, and rapid visualization of issues and opportunities to obtain optimal robot programs. HYPERTHERM released Robotmaster Version 7.4 CAD/CAM, for seamlessly integrating offline…

Compact Tool Grinder Offers Large Grinding Zone

The STAR CUTTER CO. NXT five-axis tool grinder is a versatile five-axis CNC machine with a small footprint and a large grind zone. Designed in a modular fashion that offers quick adaptation to application requirements,…

New Nanotransistors Keep Their Cool At High Voltages

Power converters are the little-known systems that make electricity so magical. They are what allow us to plug in our computers, lamps and televisions and turn them on in a snap. Converters transform the alternating…
Workforce Development News

Effecting Real Progress in Executive Diversity and Inclusion

[ Sloan Review ]
Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) announced the general availability of Amazon Well-run companies expect good returns on their spending, and leaders who continue to support initiatives that don’t produce results usually find themselves demoted or…
Mergers & Acquisitions News

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Other News

Intel’s $20 billion bet on advanced fabrication

No one ever said Pat Gelsinger was timid. A month into his stint as Intel’s CEO, he has announced an ambitious plan to drive ahead with Intel’s chip-manufacturing efforts rather than give up on it.…

Lean Supply Chain Performance: Onshoring’s Secret Weapon

The issue of reshoring has been around for a while. For instance, longtime manufacturing executive Harry Moser started his Reshoring Initiative over a decade ago. Working to get Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to re-source their purchases…