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Innovation News

Compact Tool Grinder Offers Large Grinding Zone

The STAR CUTTER CO. NXT five-axis tool grinder is a versatile five-axis CNC machine with a small footprint and a large grind zone. Designed in a modular fashion that offers quick adaptation to application requirements,…

New Nanotransistors Keep Their Cool At High Voltages

Power converters are the little-known systems that make electricity so magical. They are what allow us to plug in our computers, lamps and televisions and turn them on in a snap. Converters transform the alternating…

The Edge of Cloud

In November 2020, the Deloitte Cloud Institute invited Mahadev Satyanarayanan, the Carnegie Group University Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, as the first Deloitte Cloud Institute Fellow.1 Dr. Satyanarayanan (Satya as he’s popularly…

Using IoT Augmented Reality to Enhance Workplace Operations

Enterprises now use the Internet of Things, along with augmented reality, virtual reality, and video capabilities to operate more efficiently. Digital twins, or virtual replicas of objects, buildings or systems connected to their physical counterparts…

AI makes edge and IoT smarter

Lots of things are being called “smart” these days — everything from light bulbs to cars. Increasingly, the smarts come from some form of artificial intelligence or machine learning. AI is no longer limited to…
Workforce Development News

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Mergers & Acquisitions News

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Other News

As Ransomware Threats Mount, It’s Time for Coordinated Tactics

Cybercriminals have been able to act with impunity and without sufficient consequences, said experts at the recent RSA Conference 2021. Ransomware attacks have become economically burdensome but also increasingly disruptive to basic services, such as…

Behind the Machine 3D Printing Rocket Engines

American space technology company, Launcher, has acquired the M 4K AM system from AMCM, an EOS Group company, to advance its high-performance orbital launch vehicle strategy. The AMCM M 4K system enables Launcher to produce…

‘Citizen developer’ success requires strong IT oversight

The “citizen developer” revolution sounds very promising. After all, what enterprise wouldn’t want to be more agile while reducing costs and accelerating their ability to bring solutions to market. But the wide array of platforms…