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Predictive Maintenance: A Tale of Two Technologies

Predictive maintenance is the ability to monitor a machine, or machine component, and avoid unplanned downtime by foreseeing machine failure and allowing the opportunity to take preventative action. There are two categories of technology that…

By the numbers: The impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing everyone to feel a bit uncertain. Our day-to-day lives are being impacted and so are our businesses. More than ever, employees are looking to their management teams for direction to…

GAO: Electrical Grid’s Distribution Systems More Vulnerable

The U.S. electrical grid’s distribution systems that deliver electricity directly to customers are increasingly vulnerable to cyberthreats, and the Department of Energy needs to do more to protect this critical infrastructure, according to a Government…

CIOs double down on D&I to build stronger businesses

Lety Nettles believes she has a formula for building strong, diverse product teams. Soon she’ll get to put her approach to the test. Nettles, the CIO of innovation and busines products at financial technology firm…

The Case for a Federal Office of Supply Chain

During the pandemic, the strength of the U.S supply chain was tested and often came up short. That’s why Mike Crum, a professor and Ruan Chair of Supply Chain Management in Iowa State University’s Ivy…