Digital Transformation Lighthouse Contest 

For Small-to-Medium-Sized Manufacturers

Welcome to the AMI Digital Transformation Lighthouse Contest for small and medium manufacturers that are bullish about digital transformation. You understand its critical value to your future business success and are willing to dedicate your team’s time to partner with us, from engineering, operations, IT, and elsewhere, to help you develop and deliver products to create real impact.

You will define the challenge, and then we will help you solve the problem in your business at our expense. We will work with you and our partner ecosystem to define the business case and to develop and deliver a solution. You must meet eligibility requirements and complete a 15-minute application to be considered for this opportunity.

AMI Smart Manufacturing QuickStart Solution for SMM’s 


  • Small to medium-size manufacturer with a staff of 500 people or less
  • Desire to accelerate your smart manufacturing program by creating a product demonstration in your manufacturing environment
  • CEO or SVP sponsorship from your organization
  • Willingness to dedicate up to 1-3 man-months of effort in your enterprise to evaluate and deploy the product
  • Availability to deploy a solution in the first half of 2021
  • Agreement to provide information and publicize outcomes
  • Agreement defining scope of work


  • AMI will manage the entire project for you at no cost, including scope definition, supplier selection, product development, and implementation
  • AMI will subsidize any hardware and software cost (capital or operating) up to $25,000
  • We will publicize your solution, while respecting any intellectual property concerns, to create recognition to the broader SMM and OEM community

Goals for the Smart Manufacturing Solution:

  • Target is improving a specific business pain point related to improving costs, throughput, quality, delivery speed, and/or safety.
  • If successful, there should be a measurable impact in one or more of these areas.
  • It leverages digital technology, for example IoT, Analytics and AI, Mixed Reality, Digital Twins, etc.
  • It can be implemented in less than 6 months
  • Does not require new processing equipment

Required Response:

  1. Company Information
    • Company Name
    • Company Address
    • Approximate Number of Employees
    • Website URL
    • CEO/SVP Sponsor
    • Project Focal Point
  2. Describe your business (50 words maximum)
  3. Describe the markets you serve (50 words maximum)
  4. What is the pain point you would like to solve and why? Be specific to the supply chain, plant, production line, and or processing steps that will help us understand the need in detail (250 words maximum)
  5. What business KPI’s do you want to impact and at what level? Please be as quantitative as possible (100 words maximum)
  6. Describe your vision of the end solution – don’t be afraid to be ambitious (100 words maximum)
  7. Let us know if you have any COVID-19 restrictions related to travel or visitor access to your facility


Submit response to: Dan Nagy at