Digital Transformation of Asset-Intensive Industries to be Accelerated by AVEVA and Alizent Partnership

AVEVA announced a global partnership with Alizent, a provider of solutions that help to enable and accelerate the digital transformation of asset intensive industries. Due to the increasing complexity that future industrial environments will require, the AVEVA and Alizent asset intensive industries partnership will help industries, such as energy, power, water, food and beverage, and metals and mining, to further digitally transform its critical asset maintenance operations. The partnership will provide customers with bespoke solutions that further enhance confidentiality and cybersecurity, increase operability, and provide continuous improvements over the long term. Leveraging integrated Industrial AI powered data within the cloud, users will be able to better connect, automate, monitor and optimize industrial assets, processes and operations. Helping to guarantee continuous operation to meet customers’ needs 24/7 while improving the performance of their production units is an everyday challenge for asset-intensive industries. To help them face these challenges, the AVEVA-Alizent partnership will provide an end-to-end asset lifecycle solution, including data infrastructure, APM, and services. As a result, users will be able to better anticipate and adapt, which will help to make the production flows of each of their units more reliable and available while further optimizing the performance of plant operations. For customers, a benefit of this partnership is in the global solution deployments that can be adapted to address regional and local needs with an end-to-end approach that supports multiple components in their operating environments. Alizent’s industrial experience in global asset lifecycle capabilities can help to benefit global customers that have recently further optimized energy consumption and improved the efficiency of energy production units. By connecting teams across projects, AVEVA and Alizent will help to provide higher levels of reliability and operational flexibility while leveraging AVEVA’s AI-infused Asset Performance Management portfolio to model, predict and prescribe more optimal performance for each asset. Further enhancing production performance, adjusting production more seamlessly, and helping to improve the performance throughout the full unit lifecycle will provide an additional benefit for asset-intensive industries using solutions from the AVEVA-Alizent partnership.

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