Embedded Sensors and Intelligence on the New Edge

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Much of what comes together in the Internet of Things depends on the first node in the network, which is most often a sensor. Transformational Industry 4.0 analytics and automation require even better input, which has kept vendors busy trying to bring smarter embedded sensors to market. The role of smart sensors is looked at even more closely now, as an industry-wide architectural switch is underway that moves more processing to the edge, reducing reliance on “cloud-only” processing. As sensors proliferate, it becomes very difficult to handle all sensor information in the distant cloud, so sensors and the edge nodes they reside upon the need to get smarter. This is among the drivers leading Allied Market Research projecting the global IoT sensor industry will grow from $12.37 billion to $141.8 billion by 2030, achieving a CAGR of 28% over that period.

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