Enabling Flexible Batch Production With Integrated Machining

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WFL Millturn Technologies has always been involved in the field of automation. From articulated robots to gantry loaders, every system combined with a MILLTURN brings a high-tech element and a breath of fresh air into production halls. The acquisition of FRAI Elektromaschinenbau GmbH in 2018 represents another step towards innovation in complete machining, paving the way for a digital future. Autonomous production methods have long been used by automotive manufacturers, the aerospace industry, and mold construction companies to produce equipment for machine tools. Other sectors with less of a focus on automation are nonetheless showing an increased interest in this area due to the possibility of introducing autonomous night and weekend shifts. WFL Millturn Technologies works with different automation variants such as gantry loaders and articulated robots for automated workpiece loading and unloading, depending on each customer’s requirements. Peripheral transport and storage systems for workpieces, tools, and clamping devices can be combined as desired.

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