Ericsson and Red Hat Empower CSPs to Build Multi-vendor 5G Networks

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are uniquely positioned to serve up a new generation of immersive, personalized, ultra-reliable experiences, applications, and solutions. Ericsson and Red Hat are expanding their collaboration for validation of network functions and platforms to enable service providers to bring their next generation services to market faster in a multi-vendor 5G Networks scenario. As CSPs deploy 5G, they are focused on becoming more agile and innovative, allowing them to accelerate time to value. In undertaking this transformation, they must find the right balance between cost, risk, and time to market. Ericsson and Red Hat recognize that a multi-vendor approach requires a different plan of action compared to a single-vendor approach with vertically integrated solution and lifecycle management. Building multi-vendor networks requires proven interoperability to reap the ultimate benefits of flexibility and choice. Beyond the joint Ericsson and Red Hat work, broader ecosystem collaboration is being pursued to simplify integrating different technologies and suppliers.

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