Eurotech and GlobalSign to Collaborate on Extending IIoT Security with Solid Device Attestation

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Eurotech and GlobalSign announced a collaboration to embed verifiable device identities and proof of integrity Extending IIoT Securityat the earliest possible point in the industrial IoT supply chain. Device identity management throughout the lifecycle of a product is technically complex and challenging in its implementation for many organizations. It makes effective device identity management a substantial factor in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of secure IoT infrastructures. By leveraging and integrating industry standards and best practices, the solution builds on the root-of-trust provided by Infineon’s OPTIGA Trusted Platform Module (TPM) installed in Eurotech’s IoT Edge Computing platforms, data loggers and IoT gateways. As a device manufacturer, Eurotech builds on this foundation by adding an Initial Device Identifier (IDevID), a secure, unique certificates-based identity to the device, leveraging the cryptographic and secure storage capabilities of the TPM. As an essential first step in the supply chain, this process attests the identity and can be further extended to ensure the integrity of the manufactured Eurotech device, including the software stack it is delivered with.

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