FCC Approves AR Display for US Market

WiMi Hologram Cloud’s new head-mounted display product has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission for U.S. consumers. The WiMi HoloAR Lens can not only be used in virtual social, entertainment, education and communication fields, it can also be expanded and connected to process control systems, drones and smartphones. The display can be mounted onto smart glasses that mesh computer interfaces with footage of a user’s actual environment. The materials in WiMi’s new HoloAR display reduce the sense of friction on the user’s face, making it suitable for commuting uses, outdoor virtual communication and video conferences. Solution architects can also use the headset for fitness or educational content. The refractive error setting in the WiMi’s AR technology that accounts for short-sightedness can be fully adjusted from 0 to 500 degrees, avoiding the need for special myopia lenses.

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