Fear of failure vs. innovation in the transportation sector

We are privileged to live in a time of exponential technology progression, the likes of which we have never seen. However, it can be argued that a significant amount of this advancement is done purely because we have the capability to do it. Developing technology solutions designed to tangibly improve people’s lives —such as the revolution heralded by the introduction of the iPhone—that is where technological advancements get fascinating. There are very few things that affect our society to the extent transportation does. From our ability to get to work, school, healthcare, and important meetings, to the delivery of the goods we need to survive and thrive, every aspect of our lives hinges on reliable transportation networks and supply chains. Despite this, our traffic systems are woefully outdated, with some areas of our infrastructure dating back more than 70 years. Just imagine the impact of effective innovation in this area on our daily lives, from drastically cutting down the time we spend stuck in traffic, to improving the very quality of the very air we breathe through fewer emissions.

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