First Autonomous Truck Service Center Coming to Atlanta

Ever wondered where and how autonomous vehicles will be serviced? Now we have an answer of sorts. Pilot Company, North America’s largest operator of highway travel centers, has confirmed a “strategic agreement” with California-based autonomous trucking company Kodiak Robotics to collaborate on developing facilities for autonomous truck services. These autonomous “truckports” will be located at Pilot and Flying J travel centers. The first truckport is being built at a Pilot center near Atlanta, Georgia, where the companies will decide what services are required for self-driving trucks and investigate scalable solutions. Among the facilities likely to be offered are spaces to pick up and drop off autonomous trucking loads, areas to conduct inspections, the ability to maintain and refuel trucks, and the capability to transfer data for processing, such as mapping. Kodiak’s expertise in the area will play a key role in defining what services are actually offered. 

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