Ford Formally Launches Separate Divisions for EV, Gas-powered Vehicles

Automakers around the world are facing a thorny proposition amid a push to phase out the use of fossil fuels: How to convert operations long based on the internal-combustion engine to ones that make electric cars — all over the course of just a few years. After some apparent internal back-and-forth, Ford officials believe they have a solution. The automaker announced it will undergo a dramatic restructuring by creating two distinct business units under the Ford banner. The Ford Model e division will develop and scale-up the company’s electrified and connected vehicles, while its legacy, gas-powered systems will fall under the Ford Blue division. Ford’s first electric vehicle, the Mustang Mach-E, debuted to rave reviews, and the company says it has taken in more than 200,000 reservations for its forthcoming F-150 Lightning electric pickup. But behind the scenes of those early successes, reports indicated that the company was under pressure from investors to do something about the costs of its legacy operations — issues that its standalone, direct-to-consumer EV rivals, such as Tesla and Rivian, don’t have to worry about.

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