Ford’s Commitment to Battery Innovation is Far From Shocking

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The interest in electric vehicles (EVs) has moved into the fast lane in recent months with a number of manufacturers ranging from a growing array of startups focused on capturing niche markets to established OEMs known for effectively producing internal combustion engines joining in. As a result, aggressive commitments have made headlines and companies have worked diligently to achieve noticeable gains in building out the charging infrastructure necessary to keep the next generation of vehicles operating smoothly. Ford Motor Co. has not shied away from making its own announcements around EVs. Most notably, a commitment to invest at least $22 billion through 2025 to deliver connected, electrified vehicles, building on its areas of strength, starting with EV versions of its most popular nameplates. In North America, the Ford Mustang Mach-E already has found early sales success. Plus, the all-electric Ford Transit is set to go on sale late this year and the all-electric F-150 arrives by mid-2022.

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