Harnessing Personal Purpose to Enable Employee Experience

As talent continues to reshuffle across the economy in rapid numbers, more and more businesses are realizing that they need to build a work culture that attracts and retains great people. What’s clear from the latest labor trends is that employees are leveraging power in new ways — and companies must focus on besting their competition when it comes to employee experience. When pursuing an employee experience that engages workers, companies too often make the mistake of looking only at one-size-fits-all solutions. They vow to provide more flexibility, opportunities, and an inclusive culture. While these factors matter, they don’t cover what is often the most important one that’s missing: a personal sense of fulfillment. The 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer survey found that for people leaving or looking to leave their jobs, the biggest driving force involves values — and within that category, the top reason is that they want more personal fulfillment from work.

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