High-Performance Polyamide Makes Grade for Metal Replacement

After the successful introduction of Romitron PPS, compounder Romira now offers glass-fiber-reinforced Rotec aromatic high-performance polyamide (HPPA) as a metal replacement grade. While Romitron PPS takes Romira close to the top of the polymer pyramid in terms of heat resistance, Rotec HPPA reportedly positions the company at the summit when it comes to strength and performance. Polyamide (PA) compounds are found in various industrial applications and almost all key industries from automotive and consumer products to electronics and healthcare. Although standard PA compounds, such as PA 6 and PA 66, have found their way into various industries, in some applications their high level of moisture absorption can be a concern. Moisture absorption results in notable degradation of the mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties of PA parts over their service life. High-end fully aromatic polyamides with reduced moisture absorption are considered a solution; however, they are costly and may require special processing conditions. 

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