Honeywell adds capabilities to energy-control system

Honeywell today introduced its Experion Energy Control System’s new virtual power plant (VPP) functionality that enables users to dispatch a network of distributed energy resources (DERs)—such as wind-generating units, storage systems and solar farms—through a centralized control process. By centralizing the dispatching process, users can optimize their operations and create sufficient capacity to participate in a variety of energy markets that would otherwise be inaccessible, Honeywell adds. Using the Experion Energy Control System VPP capability, resource owners can unlock power, capacity and revenue from their energy assets, such as DERs, while minimizing costs, they claim. The solution allows customers to monitor, forecast and coordinate in order to manage and improve the usage of energy assets in response to market conditions. Moreover, the remote-management functionality comes integrated within the Experion Energy Control System, meaning existing users do not need to install any additional equipment to begin using it. Suitable for a range of users including utilities, commercial/industrial sites and power producers, the solution allows for autonomous control and flexibility over the timing of users’ purchase and use energy, Honeywell explains. 

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