How to Connect People (and Why You Should)

There’s a scene in the 2001 cult British rom-com Bridget Jones in which the film’s namesake is desperate to make a good impression at a high-profile book launch hosted by her employer. “Introduce people with thoughtful details,” her friends suggest in the lead-up to the event. Bridget puts their advice to good use when she finds herself sandwiched between her “slightly senior” work colleague and an influential family friend. “Ah, Perpetua,” she says. “This is Mark Darcy. Mark’s a top barrister. He comes from Grafton Underwood. Perpetua’s one of my work colleagues.” A pillar of grace and charm Bridget is not, and her motivations for making connections are hardly pure. But the scene serves to highlight the value of having, and making, connections. Essentially, it’s a form of currency. 

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