How to Influence People at Work

What does it mean to be an influencer in the workplace, why does it matter, and how do you get there? Let’s start with the what. We typically conflate influence and power, but the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand. It’s true that most leaders have a massive influence on their company’s culture. For example, if the leadership team stays in the office late, answers work emails out of hours, or spends lunch breaks at their desks, the rest of the workforce will typically, if begrudgingly, follow suit. Meanwhile, leaders that organize team socials, take advantage of their paid annual leave, and properly switch off on the weekends will inspire a healthier and happier working environment. But workplace culture aside, there are countless ways to expand your sphere of influence, whether you’re finding your way in a new role, leading a team of three, or working as CEO of a multinational company. A true workplace influencer invests time and effort in nurturing relationships and figuring out how to collaborate and communicate effectively, ultimately earning their colleagues’ respect, trust, and affection. 

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